Holiday Dental Emergency?

Holiday Dental Emergency? Here’s How To Be Prepared!

The holiday season can be a very hectic time of the year. We rush around, trying to accomplish everything on our lists. Maybe we bite down on a holiday popcorn kernel and broke a tooth or a crown. Maybe the kids enjoyed too much home-made hot chocolate, then became rambunctious and accidentally knocked a tooth out. Lets face it, it happens! Here are some tips on how to handle a dental emergency…

Don’t Panic!
Broke a tooth? So, the dental office is closed because it is a National Holiday, and you or someone you know broke a tooth, or broke a crown

First Step: Find the broken piece(s) if you can, place it in a baggie, and keep it safe until your appointment.

Second Step: Swish your mouth out with warm water to rinse your mouth of any tiny pieces of debris that may still be in there. You don’t want to choke on them.

Third Step: If there is any bleeding, wash your hands, find some gauze or a paper towel, and place it on the area for about 5 minutes, or until the bleeding stops.

Fourth Step: Apply a cold compress on and off to keep the swelling down.

Fifth Step: Call your dental office and leave a message letting them know you broke a tooth or crown. Chances are, your dental office has a dentist on-call. He/she will check voicemails throughout the day and will receive your message. Your phone call will be returned as soon as possible. However, know that this may take some time, as we are all enjoying quality time with family and friends. Your dentist will provide you with further instructions about how to take care of yourself, and when to come by during the next business day that the office is opened.

Sixth Step: Take an over-the-counter (OTC) pain killer until you can be seen by your dentist and the problem can be addressed. You should never neglect the daily tasks of brushing and flossing your teeth despite how much pain you’re in. Try using lukewarm water instead of cold water from your faucet.

What if it’s just a toothache?
Again, Don’t Panic!

There can be multiple causes of an onset of a toothache.

Are you developing or fighting off a cold? When the weather gets funky and the common cold is running amuck, the pressure in your sinuses can affect your teeth. Congestion can cause inflammation in your maxillary sinuses, causing acute pressure on the root tips of your upper teeth. This sensation can be very uncomfortable. Taking an OTC for sinus congestion may help relieve some of the inflammatory pressure on the root tips of your teeth.

Cavity, Loose Filling, Cracked Tooth, or an Abscess?

Readers Digest published an article filled with multiple natural, home remedies for toothaches:

11 Home Remedies for a Toothache

I fully support every remedy listed. However, there is always the rare chance that any of the remedies listed may cause your symptoms to become worse. If that happens, stop whichever remedy you chose, and hang in there until you can be seen by your Dentist.

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