Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Bonding
Services include placement of tooth colored fillings and foundation fillings for teeth that need new tooth tops such as crowns, veneers, or onlays.

Tooth Colored Fillings 

Bonding, the use of the tooth colored composite resin material to restore teeth or improve their appearance, has been around for over 30 years.  

Crowns and Tooth Tops
We can restore your bite, damaged teeth, or worn teeth with new man-made tooth colored ceramic tooth tops such as crowns and onlays.  Dr Benson takes a special approach to “crowns’, as patients sometimes call them.  Instead of “shaving the teeth down into little stubs” or “cutting all of the healthy enamel away”, as many new patients to the practice say has happened to their teeth, Dr Benson treatment plans each tooth differently- every design is different.  Dr Benson feels that the treatment goal for crowns should be to maximize the amount of enamel left on the tooth and maximize the ability of his patients to maintain easy and adequate hygiene of their new crown(s) so that they can last longer.  

Whether made of tooth colored filling material (composite) or man-made ceramic material (porcelain), veneers are a conservative alternative to crowns as a replacement for the front or back surface of a tooth. The thickness of the veneer is determined on a tooth by tooth basis depending on the overall goal of your case. In some cases, no tooth structure needs to be removed (“no prep” veneers). Properly placed in a stable and low-stress environment veneers can remain beautiful and functional for many years.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are replacements for the roots and crowns of missing teeth and are becoming the treatment of choice by patients to replace one or more missing teeth. When properly placed with precision in a stable and low stress bite environment, they are an attractive and decay-immune solution for patients that are missing one or more teeth. Implants do not decay or breakdown, thus rarely do they ever need future treatment. Dental Implants can also be placed to hold in partial or full dentures (sets of “false” teeth) which allow for greater retention and better chewing capacity. Please call us to schedule an appointment to find out more about dental implants or to see if you are a possible candidate.

Removable Partial and Complete Dentures
Rapidly falling by the wayside as the treatment of choice for patients that are missing many or all of their teeth, removable partial (some teeth missing) or complete (all teeth missing) dentures can be made to serve as replacements for your teeth. Patients who wish to have teeth removed and dentures made for them to be ready the day that their teeth are removed will need to have two sets made. The first set is called the Immediate Set and is delivered on the day of the surgery to remove your teeth. The second, or Final Set, is fabricated after the Immediate Set has been worn for six months in order to allow all of the bone and tissue to heal properly from the surgery. The Immediate Set allows the patient to have acceptable teeth to eat and speak with during the time their bone and gums are healing. Patients will also use the healing period to make any suggestions regarding changes they would like to see between the Immediate and Final Set of Dentures. The fit and feel of the Final Set can only be properly achieved after the bone and tissue has had adequate time to heal.